Battle of Lexington and Concord Facts – A Closer Look at the American Revolution

 It was in the year 1775 of April when British troops were directed to the confiscation of weapons during

during the colonial weapons to the militia. Since the army is considered as not trained, they were then defeated by 700 soldiers. Indeed, the Battles between that of Concord and Lexington will play a vital role in history. This is stipulated in most Battle of Lexington and Concord facts around the area. This was fought on the same year. This was even a kick off of the American Revolutionary War. This was from the year 1775 to 1783.

Ever since, the tensions were built. This occurred for so many years now. This occurred between that of 13 American colonies. The same is also true with the British Authorities. This was seen particularly in the Massachusetts. On April 18, 1775, there were hundreds of troops who became responsible from Boston down to the near place of Concord. This was in order for the arms to be seized. There were also other riders and as well as Paul Reverre who took charge in the switching of the alarm. This was in the colonial militiamen who were now responsible in beginning to mobilize the interception of Redcoat column. There was a confrontation here on the town of Lexington town green. This started off the fight and then soon, the British retreated under the presence of intense fire. There are tons of battles that followed. This occurred in the year 1783 which won formally the whole independence.

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There has been a battle which led up in Concord and Lexington. This started in the year 1764. The Great Britain made sure to enact a great measure of aims in order for revenue to be raised. This started in the 13 colonies of America. Among the many measures include that of Townshend Acts, Sugar Act and Stamp Act. All of these generate fierce resentment among the various colonists who were now protesting against that of the taxation without having to go any sort of representation. There were main points of the resistance here. These were for the 1773 Boston Tea Party to that of 1770 Boston Massacre.

It was King George III of Britain who ramped the military presence. As for June 1774, the city harbor has been shut down. This occurred during the colonists who paid for the overboard dumping of tea. This took place in the previous year. After that, it was the Parliament of British that declared the open rebellion of Massachusetts.

Joseph Warren on the same year also learned from a reliable source that the British got to command most Redcoat troops to have the March night exactly on Concord. This was the time when Warren had to dispatch the Redcoat troop. This is when they started marching directly to the Concord itself. Two couriers were then launched. This was done alongside the alerting of residents about the news itself. These people were vent able to travel in the given routes of Lexington.