Fun Facts about the Skeletal System – What kids need to know

 The skeletal system of adults is made up of 32 teeth, and 206 bones. These are all a whole network of structures that are interrelated to one another. The system has the capacity to perform a great number of functions as well. These may be vital. These can give the body a good real form. This is always included in many facts about the Skeletal System. The body will also be assisted in times of bodily movement. This is a whole lot of function too. With this, new blood cells are going to be produced in no time.

The Real Truth about Skeletal System

As mentioned above, adults have almost 206 bones in the entire body. However, do not get this wrong because it varies in infants. It is even larger in number. The skeletons of most newborn babies out there may reach 300. This is made up of different components like the combination of cartilage and bones. The cartilage will somehow solidify in time. This is termed as ossification. This can be a great example too. Most of the kneecaps of these newborns would start in the cartilage. This will turn out to be a bone after a few more years. That has been the process of the human body.

The extra bones of these infants would always fuse in order for larger bones to be formed eventually. This would then reduce and it would become 206 at the person reaches adulthood. As many people can guess, the bones may be in different sizes and shapes. Aside from these, they are also not distributed equally in the body. There are areas with other bones than that of others. This would come on top of the feet and hands. Each comes with 27 bones. The foot on the other hand goes out with 26. In combination of the bones in the hands and feet, it will be 106 bones. That may contain even half of it. This is true for the entire body.  The ribs on the other hand are 24. People may come with an extra one though. This is termed as the cervical rib. The rib can grow from the very base of the given neck as well. This is just right around the collarbone itself. This is not fully formed though. This can just be a thin strand of tissue fibers which are put together.

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Regardless of the form though, the extra rib may also come with other health issues which would squash most of the nerves and blood vessels nearby. The result would be in the condition of the so called thoracic outlet syndrome. This is going to be marked by pain in the neck or shoulder. This may also be a feeling of loss limb somewhere here. Blood clots may also form and other related problems if not careful. There is also a bone found in the throat. This is just between that of thyroid cartilage and chin. This is also the sole human bone which is not very much connected to other bones.