Dwight D Eisenhower Facts Review – A Leader to Emulate

On October 18, 1890, Dwight David Eisenhower was born in Denison, Texas. Ida Elizabeth Stove, his mother, and David Jacob Eisenhower, his father both transferred to Kenya in the year 1892. The latter was well-educated. Despite that, he was not able to be a good provider to his family. This was the reason why Dwight, together with his six other brothers, were exposed to poverty at a very young age.

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Getting to Know Dwight David Eisenhower

Dwight studied in Abilene, Kansas. In 1909, he finally graduated. Two years after that said completion, he worked to assist Edgar, his younger brother. During that time, Edgar was in college. No one was there to support him financially except for Dwight. With this, Dwight immediately found himself a work. The moment Edgar graduated, Dwight then pursued his dreams. He took an admission test in the Naval Academy. He successfully made it to the exam; however, he was not eligible to continue because of his age. Despite that, he did not deter. As a matter of fact, this led him to contact Joseph Bristow, a Kansas Senator. Through this, he got a recommendation to the U.S Military Academy. This was situated in West Point, New York. By doing so, his application was accepted. This helped him to graduate in 1915. Four years after he was welcomed in 1911. There was actually an interesting note here. The upper half of their class was said to be the troop where the stars fell. This was derived from the realization that 59 of their members were able to get the ranking general.

There was a time from 1915 to 1918 when Eisenhower was assigned to serve both in Georgia and Texas. He took charge in training the crews during the World War I. Since he was effective, he was promoted to the third corps rank, Lieutenant Colonel. After the war, he was reverted to captain. However, this changed immediately as he was made major. In lieu of the promotion, he had to be sent to Camp Meade. This was seen in Maryland. The halt of his career and advancement occurred during peacetime. But then, in 1936, a promotion was given under his name as Lieutenant Colonel. This was his very first promotion for the last 16 years. In October 1941, the peak of his career was witnessed for he was promoted brigadier general. This was awarded to him to credit his impeccable administrative abilities.

War plans were devised during the World War II by Dwight. This took place as the Americans entered the scene. The idea in this endeavor was to have the Germans and Japanese defeated. With this opportunity, his strategic planning skill shone. His talent was once again foregrounded. This became a reason for his promotion to Assistant Chief of Staff. He was made in-charge of New Operations. He transferred to London on 1942 because he was assigned the commanding General in the European Theater. This was again another turning point in his life.